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We re-construct AgroFood
value chains between Brazil
and Europe

With authenticity, quality, collectivity, and innovation.

In the tropical climates of Brazil, incredibly talented farmers grow and harvest a bountiful array of foods. These products, teeming with flavour, freshness, and nutrition, are the source of our energy and well-being. Yet, have you ever wondered why these vibrant tastes and their rich origin seem to fade and blur by the time they reach Europe?

Our ambition is for you to:

  • Buy the Brazilian products you love with unparalleled taste and variety

  • Be able to place total trust in your local and global farmers

  • Overcome in-season availability and price swings

  • Interact with growers and shape the way you consume

What makes us different?

We go



Information is good, insight and trust are better. When the food flow is farm-driven, traceability becomes obsolete.

We go beyond marketplaces and crowd orders

You buy what you like and when you want, coming from a select group of diversified growers.

We build

portfolio and network effects

Our community will shape

and own the company



New varieties, processes, and products are equally part of our DNA

We strive to build a regenerative food system

The founding story

My name is Matthias König and I founded Foodflows at the end of 2022.
After experiencing agriculture for 12 years in various Finance and Business roles at Syngenta, I decided to go down the entrepreneurship route.

During our 7 years based In São Paulo, my family and I learned to appreciate the rich culture and diverse nature of Brazil.

The potential of Brazil to produce tasty and healthy food in a sustainable way for a growing population is enormous. And the challenges of the current food value chain are obvious: anonymity and lack of end-to-end accountability.

This asks for a refreshing approach to international food flows.

Matthias Koenig
Our farming land stewards
Diogo Dias
Diogo Dias

Fazenda Recreio

Lucas Venturim

Fazenda Venturim

Jorge Naimeg

Fazenda Londrina

Naohito Tsuge

Fazenda Lote 18

Henrique Sloper

Fazenda Camocim

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