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Jorge Naimeg on Fazendas Londrina, Pantano, Ouro Verde

Continuous reinvention
at the top of Specialty Arabica coffee
Jorge Naimeg

For nearly three decades, our passion has been crafting specialty coffee, a journey marked by continuous improvement, technological advancements, and intensive team training.

Producing coffee is more than a profession; it's a calling that runs deep in our veins, a part of my daily life from the moment I was born and a legacy I hope to continue until my last day. After all, we're not just producing coffee; we're nurturing food that demands our utmost care and respect.

The Naimeg family's journey in the coffee industry began against a backdrop of rich family heritage and a relentless pursuit of excellence. In the western part of Minas Gerais, the family's story is one of resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to producing specialty coffee.

A legacy born of passion

The foundation stone was laid by Jorge's parents who, after facing three severe frosts in northern Paraná, dared to start anew in the so-called Cerrado Mineiro region. Their dream of cultivating exceptional coffee became a reality, making the Naimeg siblings icons within the Cerrado Mineiro coffee community.

Fazenda Londrina von oben
Excellence in Specialty Coffee

For nearly three decades, the family has honed its focus on specialty coffee, leveraging advancements in technology, innovative processes, and continuous team development to enhance quality. The farm employs a variety of processing methods, including pulped natural, honey processes in multiple shades, fully washed, double fermentation, and controlled fermentation with yeasts, ensuring a diverse and rich flavor profile.

Quality starts from the crop, with meticulous attention to harvesting at the optimal time for peak cherry ripeness, followed by rigorous post-harvest sanitation practices to maintain purity in every batch. The dedication to excellence has been recognized in a series of wins and top positions at the quality competitions of the Cerrado Mineiro region.

Nowadays, Naimeg has also become a quality brand of roasted coffees in the Brazilian domestic market with its own roasting operations on farm.

Innovation and sustainability

Sustainability is integral to all operations. Collaborating closely with Naimeg, the farms are committed to environmental preservation, actively protecting native species and implementing sustainable practices, such as on-site composting and the exploration of renewable energy sources like photovoltaic power. The introduction of a biofactory to produce biological products aims to further reduce chemical use, underscoring their dedication to eco-friendly farming. The operation is also Rainforest Alliance-certified and takes part in the denomination of origin of the Cerrado Mineiro region.

Jorge and Mauro Naimeg with Matthias
The joining story

by Matthias König

I first met Jorge and his family back in 2021, when the peak of the COVID pandemic in Brazil had been overcome. Meeting a serial winner of coffee quality competitions was very exciting. But I soon found out that there is much more to this family than excellent coffee. I remember the rich, second breakfast we had at the sunny table outside the main house, with cheese, cakes, butter, and jams all made from the farm's produce and of course some of the best coffees that Brazil has to offer.

The terroir of the Pantano region is very particular and very suited for coffee production. The family's operation is impressive. With 500ha of planted coffee, it is the largest one in the Foodflows coffee group. Post-harvest processes are extremely professional and experimentation is present everywhere. Jorge and his team are pioneers in controlled fermentations with coffee-based yeasts, for instance.

And despite all the success everybody is very humble, open, and friendly.

When I started with Foodflows, it was clear to me that I wanted the Naimeg's to be a part of it on the Arabica side. And I am very happy that we are on this journey together now.

Jorge's food flows
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