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Kaffeekirschen Fazenda Recreio

Diogo Dias at Fazenda Recreio

A legacy of excellence
in Arabica coffee beans and cherries
Diogo Dias

Since 1890, our family has been making coffee, now in its fifth generation. It all started with my great-grandmother and her four sons on this very farm. Over 120 years, we've gotten better at what we do, but our heart remains the same: making really good coffee. We don't just stick to one kind; we explore different ways to make it - natural, honey, pulped - you name it. We try each batch to find the best one to share with our customers. It's all about bringing the best cup of coffee from our family to yours.

Fazenda Recreio stands as a beacon of excellence in Arabica coffee production, blending its rich heritage with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and community welfare. Nestled in a region of breathtaking natural beauty in the state of São Paulo, this farm has become synonymous with traceable, environmentally conscious coffee cultivation.

Journey of excellence

From the initial harvest to the final sip, Diogo and his team ensure complete traceability of its coffee. Each batch is meticulously tracked—detailing harvest dates, pesticide and fertilization applications, and the dedicated team members behind the process. This rigorous approach to transparency not only secures the safety and quality of the coffee but also builds a bridge of trust with consumers.

On this basis, Diogo has started experimenting with various port-harvest processes including controlled coffee fermentations. Also, in recent years, the production of Cascara, the dried pulp and husk of the coffee cherries has been a focus area of his work. This extraordinary work can now be tasted in Europe via Foodflows.

Heart of Sustainability

Sustainability is the lifeblood of Fazenda Recreio. A significant portion of the farm is reserved for conservation and permanent preservation efforts, in partnership with SOS Atlantic Forest. These initiatives are critical for the protection of local ecosystems, offering refuge to wildlife and safeguarding the farm's water sources for generations to come.

Boasting 29 natural springs, the farm is a steward of these invaluable resources, emphasizing the importance of water conservation. The sustainable practices adopted by Fazenda Recreio enhance the coffee's flavor, improve the local microclimate, and reduce agricultural input needs, elevating product quality in every aspect. The practices have also allowed the team to earn the Rainforest Alliance certification.

Empowering the Community

Education and empowerment are pillars of Fazenda Recreio's social commitment. Extensive training programs for farm staff, focusing on safety and environmental education, underscore the importance of knowledge transfer within the community. These efforts, supported by partnerships with like-minded companies, aim to improve life quality for employees and instill a culture of environmental responsibility and safety.

Fazenda Recreio
The joining story

by Matthias König

I remember very well when I first met Diogo at Fazenda Recreio several years ago during my time at Syngenta. We were on they way back from some days in Minas Gerais to São Paulo and the farm is located right at the border between the two states. The farm is unbelievably beautiful with its white and blue historic buildings that have been kept in shape and renovated in perfect harmony between the historic past and the future.

And the outside facade mirrors the quality of the work happening on the farm both when it comes to the coffee grains and the coffee cherries. Diogo had been a trusted partner in various innovation projects we initiated. And when we started to collectively discover ways to producing quality Cascara, we started to receive attention at several events with our ice tea preparations. When I started focussing on the development of the Cascara line of Foodflows, it was clear to me that Diogo's versions should be a central part to it.

It is no surprise that our Coffeecherry Elixir is based on the coffee cherries grown on Fazenda Recreio and refined through the work of the Nucoffee team in collaboration with the renowned University of Lavras.

Diogo's food flows
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